Honda 75HP Outboard Motor

Honda 75HP Outboard Motor

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Product Description:

Honda's 75HP EFI engines are perfect for pontoons, aluminum fishing boats and bay boats. The new Blast™ system will surprise you with a quick take-off that gets the hull up on plane quickly. Proven Honda engineering delivers power to spare, but with 20% less fuel, thanks to our exclusive lean burn technology. This engine is also a champ when it comes to battery charging capability. Honda's exclusive neodymium magnet flywheel alternator cranks out a whopping 35 amps! The 75HP is based on the same engine that powers Honda's popular Fit automobiles. So you know you can expect long term durability and clean, quiet operation.


  • Superior Battery Charging
  • Center Mount Tiller
  • 3 Position Tiller Handle
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Built-In Pitot Tube
  • Available in a 20 inch shaft configuration


  • 75HP Outboard Motor (tiller w/trim) (#8506050752)
  • 75HP Outboard Motor (remote w/trim) (8506050754)

Category Outboard Range
Product Name BF75
Type Water-cooled 4-stroke inline-four
Displacement 1,496cc
Bore & Stroke 73 x 89.4 mm
Full Throttle RPM Range 5,000-6,000 RPM
Rated Power 75HP @ 5,500 RPM
Cooling System Water Cooled
Induction Programmed fuel injection
Ignition System Micro-computer programmed
Starting System Electric
Exhaust Throuh prop
Gear Ratio 2.33:1
Gear Shift F-N-R
Alternator (L-Type) 35-Amp
Alternator (X-Type) 35-Amp
Alternator (XXL-Type) N/A
Propeller Optional
Power Trim & Tilt Standard
Emergency Stop Switch Standard
Oil Pressure Alert Standard
Temperature Alert Standard
Rev-Limiter Standard
Speedometer Pickup Standard
Overall Length (mm) 746
Overall Width (mm) 449
Overall Height (mm) (L-Type) 1,566
Overall Height (mm) (X-Type) 1,693
Overall Height (mm) (XXL-Type) N/A
Tansom Height (mm) (L-Type) 537
Tansom Height (mm) (X-Type) 664
Tansom Height (mm) (XXL-Type) N/A
Dry Weights (kg) (L-Type) 162
Dry Weights (kg) (X-Type) 165