Castrol Aviator AD100

Castrol Aviator AD100
Product Code: #5380429100

Product Description:

Castrol Aviator AD grades are additized ashless dispersant piston engine oils that meet specification SAE J-1899 (formerly MIL-L-22851D). Castrol Aviator AD grades can be used to top off or replace any other ashless dispersant piston engine oil that meets these specifications. In addition, Castrol Aviator AD contains an additive package that meets the requirements for select Lycoming engines that require the anti-scuff/anti-wear additive package, LW-16702.


  • Superior rust and corrosion performance providing total engine protection
  • Excellent anti-wear/anti-scuffing properties providing greater bearing protection (contains anti-wear additive required by some Lycoming engines)
  • Low temperature fluidity and high temperature stability providing easier start-up and reduced engine deposits (better engine cleanliness)
  • Fully compatible with other monograde and multigrade products approved under SAE J-1899 (MIL-L-22851D) and SAE J-1966 (MIL-L-6082E)

Available in:

  • 1 Quart (#5380429100)

Physical state Liquid
Odor Mild
pH Not available
Odor threshold Not available
Color Amber. Clear.
Boiling point / Range Not available.
Pour Point -24 °C
Melting point / Range Not available.
Density <1000 Density kg/m3 (<1 g/cm3) at 20°C
Vapor Density (Air = 1) Not available
Vapor pressure Not available
Evaporation rate Not available
Solubility insoluble in water.
Specific gravity Not available.
LogKow The product is more soluble in octanol
Viscosity Kinematic: 197 mm2/s (197 cSt) at 40°C
Viscosity Kinematic: 19.1 mm2/s (19.1 cSt) at 100°C
Heat of combustion Not available.
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