H&S JCase Fuse 1 Pk Card 20A

H&S JCase Fuse 1 Pk Card 20A
Product Code: #5009816220

Product Description:

The JCASE™ is a cartridge style fuse with female terminal design, providing both increased time delay and low voltage drop to protect high current circuits and handle inrush currents.  Littelfuse patented high current fuse introduced in 1997 designed to replace the MAXI fuse and cartridge style fuses. Currently OEM on many new domestic and Japanese models. Smaller space saving footprint is being designed in by many OEM’s. Patented technology provides
both increased time delay and low voltage drop. Features ANSI standard OCR-A font for visual inspection systems, double spring-beam box terminal and unique secondary locking feature holds terminal firmly in place.


  • 1 Pk. Card 20A (#5009816220)
  • 1 Pk. Card 30A (#5009816230)
  • 1 Pk. Card 40A (#5009816240)
  • 1 Pk. Card 50A (#5009816250)

Element Melting Temperature* £ 1083¡ C
Pulse Cycle Withstand Capability Medium
Power Density High
Voltage Drop** 90 mV
Current Ratings 20 - 60 Amps
Time Delay Medium
Volume (L x W x H) 3.1 cm3
Overall Mass 3.6 gm
Cost Ratio*** È1.25
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