H&S Mini Fuse 5 Pk Card 10A

H&S Mini Fuse 5 Pk Card 10A
Product Code: #5009816310

Product Description:

The MINI® Fuse is quickly becoming the new standard for vehicle circuit protection throughout the world. Its miniature design meets the need for more circuits to be protected while utilizing less space, and its ability to cope with high temperatures in adverse environments makes the MINI® Fuse the recommended Patented and introduced in 1989 by Littelfuse to meet the OEM need to protect a greater number of circuits without utilizing more space. Features silver plated blades and Littelfuse designed industry standard color coding to indicate amp rating. 


  • 5 Pk Card 10A (#5009816310)
  • 5 Pk Card 15A (#5009816315)
  • 5 Pk Card 20A (#5009816320)
  • 5 Pk Card 25A (#5009816325)
  • 5 Pk Card 30A (#5009816330)

Interrupting Rating 1000A @ 58 VDC
Voltage Rating 58 VDC
Ambient Temp -40˚C to +125˚C
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