H&S Maxi Fuse 20A Yellow 1Pk.

H&S Maxi Fuse 20A Yellow 1Pk.
Product Code: #5009816520

Product Description:

With “Diffusion Pill Technology,” the MAXI™ Fuse provides excellent time delay characteristics and low heat dissipation. Designed and patented by Littelfuse, the MAXI™ Fuse is ideal for motor powered applications which have large inrush currents. MAXI Fuses are primarily used for under hood applications and are produced with a high temperature polymer and silver plated blades. They replace the commonly used fusible wire or fusible link to protect a high current segment or system of the wiring harness. Features Littelfuse designed industry standard color coding to indicate amp rating. 


  • 1 Pk. 20A Yellow (#5009816520)
  • 1 Pk. 30A Green (#5009816530)
  • 1 Pk. 40A Orange (#5009816540)
  • 1 Pk. 50A Red (#5009816550)
  • 1 Pk. 60A Blue (#5009816550)

Element Melting Temperature* £ 419¡ C
Pulse Cycle Withstand Capability High
Power Density Low
Voltage Drop** 75 mV
Current Ratings 20 - 80 Amps
Time Delay High
Volume (L x W x H) 5.8 cm3
Overall Mass 6.1 gm
Cost Ratio*** 1
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