H&S Red Threadlock 12/6ml.

H&S Red Threadlock 12/6ml.
Product Code: 1909843106

Product Description:

Permanent strength red anaerobic threadlocker. For locking and sealing frame bolts, nuts, freeze plugs, wheel studs, cylinder block and rocker arm studs and more. Resistant to gasoline, diesel, antifreeze, transmission fluid and oil. To remove: Apply heat in excess of 300o F (150oC) to parts to weaken bond. Resist temperatures from -65oF to 300oF (-54oC to 150oC).  

Item Pro Seal Threadlock Type
Color Red
Fills Gaps Between Threads
Full Cure 24 hrs.
For Fastener Dia. Up to 1-1/2"
Fixture Time 30 min.
Removable With Heat and Hand Tools
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