H&S Tire Inflator W/Hose 12/16oz.

H&S Tire Inflator W/Hose 12/16oz.
Product Code: 4880329012

Product Description:

With its advance Tc3 cold weather formula, prevents freezing and protects rims from rusting, gets you going fast. This unique size offers you 25% MORE. Easy-to-use flexible hose with controllable push button valve, permits multiple uses for cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses and Rvs.
It's like having a handyman at your beck and call.
20 oz. Aerosol Can
(12 per case)

Appearance Foamy , milky liquid
Odo Ammonia - mild
Vapor Pressure 77 - 79 psig @ 68 F
Physical state Liquid
Vapor Density (air=1) < 1
pH 8.5 - 9.5
Percent Volatile by Volume Apx 92 %
Boiling Point 30 F, -1.1 C
Volatile Organic Content No data available
Melting Point No data available
Molecular Weight No data available
Specific Gravity Apx 0.98
Average Carbon Number No data available
Pour Point -15 F, -26.1 C
Viscosity @ 100 F 20 SUS: Viscosity @ 40 C
Solubility in Water Soluble in water
Octanol / Water Coefficient Log Kow = No data available
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