3-In-One 9 oz. Adv. Engine Start & Conditioner

3-In-One 9 oz. Adv. Engine Start & Conditioner
Product Code: 5380378330

Product Description:

3-IN-ONE Advanced Engine Starter and Conditioner provides essential lubrication while starting engines quickly. It is a revolutionary Non-Ether formula that quickly starts and lubricates gas and diesel engines. Unlike other products, this advanced non-ether formula minimizes engine wear during start, and works under most temperatures. Ideal for starting gas and diesel endines such as lawnmowers, riding mowers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, snow blowers, power washers, generators, chainsaws, rototillers, outboard motors and other power equipment..

Item Engine Starter
Type Aerosol
Size 13 oz.
Size/Net Weight 9
Container Type Can
Flash Point (F) -20
Specific Gravity 0.785 @ 70¿F
VOC Content 0.9
Application Starts and Lubricates Gas and Diesel Engines
Package Quantity 1
Herrera & Sons Fuses