H&S Battery Cable 38

H&S Battery Cable 38
Product Code: 911998000

Product Description:

Automotive battery booster cable is 12-feet long with 8-gauge wire. The Clamps are made of sturdy steel but the contact jaws are copper plated steel. They are rated to work at -40 degrees Celsius and is rated to 500-Amps. The Jaw –Clamps fit top and side post batteries, allowing you to switch the cord from car to car with ease. Also they are ergonomically designed to fit the hands of a wide variety of users.

Item Booster Cables
Copper (AWG/kcmil) 1
Cable Length (Ft.) 12
Cable Color Red/Black
Max. Amps 500
Function Standard Jaws
Application Industrial
Herrera & Sons Booster Cables