Castrol Syntec Blend 10W30

Castrol Syntec Blend 10W30
Product Code: #5380421030

Product Description:

Meets the toughest industry standards for volatility protection. It delivers maximum viscosity protection, provides a higher level of thermal stability, reduced harmful deposits and provides superior wear protection. Meets APISM ILSAC GF-4 GM 6094M.


  • No leading motor oil provide more horsepower (10W-30 as tested vs. leading competitive 10W-30S)
  • SYNTEC contains a Powerful Additive Package that neutralizes corrosive particles, preventing them from grouping together and forming sludge.
  • Neutralizes acids in your engine that can cause rust and corrosion on vital engine parts such as cylinders, bearings and hydraulic valve lifters.
  • SYNTEC delivers the ultimate performance under high-temperature conditions: unsurpassed protection against volatility burn-off and viscosity increase.

Available in:

  • 1 Quart
  • 1 Gallon

Viscosity @ 100ºC, cst 11.0
Viscosity @ 210ºC, SUS 62.8
Low Temperature @7000 Cranking Viscosity, cP max -25ºC
Low Temperature @60000 Pumping Viscosity, cP max -30ºC
Specific Gravity 0.865
Pounds Per Gallon 7.20>
Long Live Your Engine