Castrol H/Duty SAE 30

Castrol H/Duty SAE 30
Product Code: #5380420030

Product Description:

Castrol SAE-30 Heavy-duty Premium quality mono-grade motor oil, engineered for smaller cars. Maximum protection against thermal breakdown. Exceeds all U.S., foreign car and light truck manufacturer´s performance requirements for gas, diesel, and turbocharged engines. Also meets European CCMC requirements.


  • Exceeds API SM, SL & SJ performance for passenger cars and light trucks.
  • Formulated to surpass exceed the engine protection requirements for Ford ESE-M2C153 G and F, GM 6085M, Chrysler MS-6395M.
  • Provides maximum wear protection in warm climates.
  • Use Heavy Duty 30 when ambient temperature is above 40F.

Available in:

  • 1 Quart (#5380420030)

Specific Gravity, 60°F 0.882
Pounds per Gallon 7.35
Viscosity, cSt 100°C 11.5
Pour Point, °F(°C), max 21 (-3)
High Temperature High Shear Rate Viscosity, cP min @ 150° C 2.9
Flash Point, COC, °F(°C) min 446(230)
Fire Point, COC, °F(°C) min 470(243)
Calcium % wt 0.185
Zinc % wt 0.09
Phosphorus % wt 0.08
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