Castrol Pyroplex Blue Grease

Castrol Pyroplex Blue Grease
Product Code: #5380726020

Product Description:

Castrol Pyroplex Blue is the ultimate lubricant for very wet and performance challenging on and off highway environments. CASTROL PYROPLEX BLUE’S unique multifunctional solid lubricant additive builds tack and adhesion when exposed to water saturated environments. When performance is challenged in the presence of water and humidity. 


  • STAYING POWER: Castrol Pyroplex Blue maintains mobility while building tack and adhesion when faced with water contamination. This Hydro–Activated™ technology helps Castrol Pyroplex Blue resist softening and washout when exposed to wet conditions on a continued basis. Castrol Pyroplex Blue users can expect optimum equipment performance when using this grease.
  • LONG BEARING LIFE: the extreme pressure and anti–wear additives in Castrol Pyroplex Blue promote extremely long bearing life. This translates to less downtime and more profitable operations for users.

Available in:

  • 14.5oz (#5380726020)
  • Pail 35 Lb. (#5380626020)

Thickener-Type Lithium Complex
Color Blue
Appearance Smooth-Tacky/Stringy
Penetration (D-217) W60 380
Dropping Point 520°F.
4 Ball EP (D-2596) Weld Point 500 kg
4 Ball EP (D-2596) LWI 65
4 Ball Scar-mm (D-2266) 0.50 mm
Timken OK Load (D-2509) 55
Pumpability @77°F. 5280
Pumpability @60°F. 2800
Pumpability @40°F. 1578
Pumpability @20°F. 690
Pumpability @0°F. 128
Water Spray-off (D-4049) -
Extracted Base Oil Viscosity* SSU @ 100° F. 400
Extracted Base Oil Viscosity* SSU @ 210° F. 56
Extracted Base Oil Viscosity* cSt @ 40° F. 86.3
Extracted Base Oil Viscosity* cSt @ 100° F. 9.0
Rust Prevention Pass
Oxidation Stability (psi loss) 2 @ 100 hours
Copper Corrosion 1b
Long Live Your Engine