Castrol TTS 2 Stroke Oil

Castrol TTS 2 Stroke Oil
Product Code: #5380427011

Product Description:

Castrol TTS is a fully synthetic 2-stroke engine oil that has been designed to maintain a tough replenishing layer of protection on critical engine parts. It reacts to changes in engine operating temperature which frequently occur in highly powered 2-stroke engines, releasing extra protection as it's needed. Castrol TTS will provide maximum and sustained engine performance, even at wide open throttle and high engine speed conditions. It delivers unbeatable protection against thermal and mechanical breakdown.


  • High Lubricity, Power Protection Formula
  • Powerful detergent system helps to keep components clean
  • Special fully synthetic base oil system
  • Reduced Exhaust Smoke
  • Designed for both oil injection and pre-mix systems up to 50:1


Available in:

  • 500ml (#5380427011)

Density @ 15°C Relative 0.875
Viscosity, Kinematic 100°C 7.6 mm²/s
Viscosity, Kinematic 40°C 43.2 mm²/s
Flash Point, PMCC 73.0°C
Nitrogen, Total 0.160% wt
Sulphur 0.148% wt
Pour Point -51°C
Colour Red
Calcium 0.039% wt
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