H&S Heavy Duty Rust Penetrant 12/6oz.

H&S Heavy Duty Rust Penetrant 12/6oz.
Product Code: 5380378350

Product Description:

A powerful blend of quick-acting, fast penetrating solvents that loosens rusted nuts, bolts, and parts in seconds. This Liquid Wrench Super Penetrant is one of many top quality items in our Specialty Lubricants department.

Boiling Point 159-199°C (318-390°F)
Solubility in Water Insoluble
Vapor Pressure 10 +/- 5 psi @ 70°F
Percent Volatile 94.9%
Coefficient of Water/Oil Distribution Not Determined
Flash Point 107°F (TOC)
Specific Gravity 0.80
pH Not Applicable
Vapor Density Greater than 1
VOC 46.569%
Appearance/Odor Light amber liquid with a petroleum odor.
Flammable Limits (Solvent Portion) LEL: 1.0% UEL: 6.0%
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